Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Good News and Bad News...

The good news is i ordered a new camera and it should be here today!

More good news is that we have had two lambs born one ram and one ewe. They are so very cute! We also had a set of twin bucks and a set of twin does born from our Goats. We are housing a friends of ours goats and she had kids early this morning triplets! She had two does and one buck. So here on the farm we have a lot of new life and hopefully this year will continue to be good to us with our animal health.

We have the studs for the new barn stalls up in the barn and one stall finished as well as a few temporary stalls for the new moms. Over the winter we fixed all of the barn windows that still had frames and put boards in the window holes were frames were missing. Out of 28 windows there was one we didnt have to fix/replace glass in.

Now for the bad news. Yesterday morning when we got home from work and went to the barn to do chores and check on everyone we found that our tiny baby lamb had been stepped on by either her mother or her grandmother. She had a broken hind leg. So we took her to the emergency vet 45 minutes away and she now has a cast with a great prognosis. The vet assured me that she would have a 100% recovery and be perfectly fine. She will officially be the most expensive animals on the farm by the time she is done with the vet. So we now have a house lamb because the cast can not get wet.

Here are the only pictures of her I have right now taken with my phone. ( you can clearly see why I havnt posted pictures lately)

Clearly she will not be at all spoiled....take no note of the shirt, she was born with it I swear

You can see the vet liked her so much they added hearts to her cast.

More to come soon i hope. Spring is right around the corner!