Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kids in the House....

While it is always exciting to have goat kids in the house this year we also have our little broken leg lamb. I love this lamb so much, her personality is just so great and she is a fighter. We took Maggie(lamb) back to the vet on friday because her cast was getting a bit snug and she had an infection in both of her eyes that was effecting her eye sight. We did not know it was an infection until we took her to the vet. So now she has a new cast and get ointment in her eyes 3 timesa day but even losing most of her eye sight didnt slow her down at all. Here is a picture of her and her goaty friend with her new cast.

And here are some more random kid/lamb pictures because they are so cute!!

In other news we also traded one of our dwarf goats for a very nice Alpine doe. She is really a nice goat and appears she will be a great milk producer for us though she is a tad over weight at the moment nothing to bad.