Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More Bad News..

I know I have once again missed posting here...naughty naughty.

Once again lots has happened on the farm!

We have sold all of the mini's and Ruger our Alpine Buck. We recently bought 4 new lambs who are large frame ewe's, which means we now have a total of 11 sheep in our little herd. The sheep are all suffolk except one polypay ewe. We had a large natural color ram from Sweetie and a large all white ram lamb from our polypay ewe. 308 and 310 did not breed this past fall so no lambs from them.

This is the natural colored ram lamb at approximately a week old.

This is the same ram lamb at 8 weeks old. (Feel free to ignore my beautiful barn clothes, and what looks like a death grip on the lamb but I assure you is not)

This is the polypay's ram lamb at 1 week old in both pictures.

The ewe lambs we got are from Slack and Kimm genetics which should put some nice size and width in our herd. The natural colored ram left for his new home to be a herdsire last weekend.